The hunger continues

I’ve dabbled with various blogs over the years, constantly posting and then hitting a lull before I would eventually erase the site and start on a new one. In an era of personal growth throughout college, I thrive on fresh starts. From a new year, to a new semester, to a new job, beginning from scratch and reinventing is integral in finding the best version of myself.

How can you buy a new bed without testing out various types? (My current bed is atrociously firm to the point where it’s all I can think of as I sit on it and write this post, hence the odd comparison). The same goes for personality and blogs are a means of channeling and finding that ultimate and most authentic persona, which is especially important in a time where one’s social media profile can carry such weight.

As I begin my latest blog journey, I enter with a more enlightened view of the impact of my social media presence. Today, the way I present myself online is an element of my character and implicates my future.

Following tips from veteran journalist and University of Alabama professor George Daniels, blogger Mindy McAdams wrote a post on best practices for blogging that I found useful. It included a statement from Daniels, which read:

“The only way I got somewhat comfortable in this space is to spend a LOT of time (personal time) here writing. Doing the minimum requirement for a class is not enough.”

With this in mind, I’m hoping to blog much more consistently. In addition to getting inspiration from industry leaders in my field of interest, I hope to network with them. Developing my persona through social networks is a chief means of connecting with key influencers and people in my desired field whose footsteps I intend to follow.

As an aspiring food journalist and aspiring bakery owner, I am in awe of most every individual in the world of food. From Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown to Bobby Flay and René Redzeppi, I have countless food heroes. I hope that this passion for food comes through in my latest blog “The Hungry Hungarian” as since the age of 8 or so, I have been enthralled by food in every sense of the word.


The Hungarian element is pulled from my grandpa’s Hungarian origins and my love for Budapest and the family that still resides there, as well as a love for European travel in general following my study abroad experience in Brussels. Truly, the importance of my family to me and to my personal growth and development made the inclusion of Hungarian in my blog title quite apt.


My interest in food began with a penchant for baking, which developed into a love for reviewing restaurants, a stint with food science as my college major, then food photography and now a delicious combination of all of the above. I truly live to eat and know that this passion can be applied to many fields and in many places worldwide, which excites me for what lies ahead.

In order to achieve my aspirations, I realize the significance of a strong online presence and I can’t wait to begin the process even more arduously than I had before.



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