I love telling stories

There is power in being able to tell great stories that is not as recognized as it should be.

My first bold impression of how storytelling should be done was from my high school history teachers. I fell in love with history on account of my teachers’ ability to recount incredible stories. They transformed droning information from textbooks into a Hollywood action film that I didn’t want to stop watching. They were passionate about history and it shone through thanks to their understanding of how to tell great stories.

Normandy Beaches, Normandy, France

How is it that they captivated me and my peers so wonderfully? Granted most of these teachers were Irish, the masters of storytelling. In fact, my family background is rather heavily Irish as my grandma hopped the pond and left County Mayo when she was around my age.

So it’s safe to say I’ve been around great, hilarious storytellers my whole life when you to take my grandma, all her siblings, plus my uncles and my dad into account. I grew to be amazed by great stories and great storytellers.

The next step then, is for me to become one myself. Though my storytelling abilities may not quite be at the level of my Irish relatives or my history professors, I can tell a good story where it counts. Depending on the subject, I do become quite passionate, which is again an element necessary for captivating an audience.

Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

A post from Social Media Examiner cites how showing an audience your trade is a wonderful way of connecting with them, “Ed Sbragia, an international recognized winemaker, tells the story of a wine set in the barrel room. The video is short and inexpensively made, but this is the kind of content that engages viewers”.

Yes, the time has come then to apply a visual storytelling component to my online persona. Videos would especially be beneficial for the type of content that I would like to produce, which is more recipe videos, photos and tag-alongs to food and travel adventures I embark on.


Journalists have caught on to the significance of visually conveying stories, though a recent blog post notes that previously “many stories rely on the journalist speaking about something which does not have a visual element”. 

Lately, however, many journalists have begun Facebook live videos and even Snapchat for a more personal touch and a more captivating source of information as opposed to a long article or blog post. I mean who does that.

The Muck Rack Profile gave an example of this type of journalism in action with Adam Rapoport, former editor and chief of Bon Appetit, “Rapoport typically shares his food and travel adventures and also shares a glimpse into the production of Bon Appetit’s magazine and online content.”

In honesty, I will keep future blog posts short and instead opt for videos. I enjoy watching videos more than I do reading long material so of course many others must feel the same.


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