White asparagus penne with lemon & ricotta toast with fresh snap peas

Where it concerns simple weeknight dinners, pasta is unavoidable. And that’s okay, so long as you have creative remixes up your sleeve. This title ~ White asparagus penne & ricotta toast with fresh snap peas ~ is a mouthful, but trust me – it has the delicious glory to justify it. Now, you might beContinue reading “White asparagus penne with lemon & ricotta toast with fresh snap peas”

Toasted cabbage noodles with caraway & dill yogurt sauce

This recipe is nearly full-credits to the ingenious Kayla at theoriginaldish.com. My first sampling of it was so epic that my boyfriend and I made it again a few nights later. Like any cooking reenactment, we ad libbed on the ingredients. The end result was something that fit our palates and the ordinary rotation ofContinue reading “Toasted cabbage noodles with caraway & dill yogurt sauce”

Basic (vegan) french toast

Pain perdu for some, french toast for others…this is a breakfast classic that takes no time at all. It’s ideal for using ingredients in your pantry and only takes a touch of love and inspiration. If you’re like me, weekday breakfast largely entails some variation of oats, cinnamon, and nuts. However, weekends are a timeContinue reading “Basic (vegan) french toast”

Where to eat, drink & sleep

Brussels Travel Guide Stay tuned for more detailed reviews and places. Bakery & Coffee Forcado – Chatelain Cafe du Sablon – Sablon Au Vatel – Ixelles (Parc Cinquantenaire) OR Coffee – Ixelles (Place Jordan) La Fleur du pain – Ixelles (Place Flagey) Caffe Italiano – Ixelles (Plux) Karsmakers – Ixelles (Plux) Cafe de la presse – ChatelainContinue reading “Where to eat, drink & sleep”

Jat’ Café

Trusty, trusty Jat’. The café is spacious enough to never feel too uncomfortably packed. Its location is prime, just off Mont des Arts, one of the most beautiful overlooks Brussels has to offer. I love stopping in for a nice weekend brunch, chatting with friends reliving our weekends over warm coffees and fresh made juices.Continue reading “Jat’ Café”

How to coffee (à emporter) in Brussels

So much has been said about the coffee of Europe and while I know Brussels should not be the sole representation of European coffee, it is a start. I can say that coffee here takes some getting used to compared to the coffee back home. However with time, I am beginning to much prefer European coffeeContinue reading “How to coffee (à emporter) in Brussels”

Croissants, a way of life

Croissants are such a universal breakfast choice in Belgium that you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative. I’m not complaining. The coolest part is that croissants in Belgium are like people; no two are alike. While I’m still on the hunt for a croissant that trumps the ones at my beloved Batch Bakehouse, youContinue reading “Croissants, a way of life”