What the Coronavirus crisis is like for an expat in the Netherlands

When the pandemic hit Europe, I was on a rare trip to Vienna. Keen to explore a new country over an extended weekend, we set our sights on Austria. My boyfriend and I walked the whole city, photographing and tasting our way through. Visitors lined the streets, eager for centuries of history and class. TheyContinue reading “What the Coronavirus crisis is like for an expat in the Netherlands”

Reveries of a restless mind

Life moves so fast, yet is not the passing of time so slow? If introspection and life crises hit you daily and you’re feeling lost, this is for you. The older you get, the more impactful decisions become. This isn’t news. It’s more of a realization we all don’t want to accept as true. ShouldContinue reading “Reveries of a restless mind”

Free spirit (has their sh*t together, in progress)

I never fully understood what people meant when they said — it’s when we’re alone that we discover who we really are. This always sounded like bull to me. Sure, I grasped the precious moments of doing something independently. I’ve even travelled, quite often, on my own. Still, the concept of self-discovery then was tooContinue reading “Free spirit (has their sh*t together, in progress)”

Deep thoughts & a lion tattoo

It’s odd how quickly things can change. I mean this in terms of how you’re feeling, how you see the world, the people around you. All the elements of your day to day that you’ve just started getting used to can so easily snap into something different. From an outside-looking-in perspective, these bits may allContinue reading “Deep thoughts & a lion tattoo”

How childhood shaped my love for food

Growing up, neither of my parents liked to cook. My dad enjoyed the grill and my mom would whip meals together, but family dinner most often meant dining out. We would hit a rotation of frequented restaurants, that is, aside from nights shown in the photo below. My siblings and I would dress up asContinue reading “How childhood shaped my love for food”

One cappuccino or four

The word food evokes a universal sentiment of happiness. Whether it’s the scent of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies from the oven or an Instagram picture of a bowl of olive oil-soaked pasta, food warms hearts. As such, cooking videos like those from Tasty find almost instant success in terms of virality on social networks. FromContinue reading “One cappuccino or four”

Let’s get engaged

Humans crave connection, but more than that they crave deep connection where both sides are fully engaged. Life is most rewarding when there’s connection and this fact applies both to day to day, face to face interactions, as well as online interactions. Both forms are processes of connecting where I see most benefits when everyoneContinue reading “Let’s get engaged”