Lebanon welcomed an unlikely American with open arms

// T H U R S D A Y It was 11 PM local time, my cab driver had been waiting for me for nearly an hour and a half at the airport gate. The lack of wifi and long lines at the border made my arrival into Beirut the opposite of seamless. While waiting,Continue reading “Lebanon welcomed an unlikely American with open arms”

Where to eat, drink, sleep

Amsterdam Travel Guide Stay tuned for more detailed reviews and places. Bakery, coffee Scandinavian Embassy – De Pijp STROOM – De Pijp Badetta – De Pijp Coffee & Coconuts – De Pijp Baken met Passie – De Pijp Hartog’s Wholegrain Bakery and Milling – East Bakhuys – East Petit Gateau – West Van Stapele – Center Bocca CoffeeContinue reading “Where to eat, drink, sleep”

Why San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the U.S.

It’s the city of sunshine, Teslas, and billboards that scream of tech. My first time in San Francisco was in 2016 with my family. We tacked on a few days at Lake Tahoe, which was an event in itself. From that point on, I knew the region would call me back. Why? It’s breathtaking. TheContinue reading “Why San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the U.S.”

Why I live in Brussels

I’m often asked: why Brussels? Each time I hear it, I laugh because for me the answer seems obvious. If you know Brussels, how could you not be in love? From its bizarre yet majestic architecture, cobblestone streets, use of the French (and Dutch) language, raging nightlife and more diversity than you’d find most otherContinue reading “Why I live in Brussels”

How to coffee (à emporter) in Brussels

So much has been said about the coffee of Europe and while I know Brussels should not be the sole representation of European coffee, it is a start. I can say that coffee here takes some getting used to compared to the coffee back home. However with time, I am beginning to much prefer European coffeeContinue reading “How to coffee (à emporter) in Brussels”

Croissants, a way of life

Croissants are such a universal breakfast choice in Belgium that you’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative. I’m not complaining. The coolest part is that croissants in Belgium are like people; no two are alike. While I’m still on the hunt for a croissant that trumps the ones at my beloved Batch Bakehouse, youContinue reading “Croissants, a way of life”